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I am skilled in Linux development and Python software development practices with skills in DevOps. I have development experience on Mainframes and Django.

I am available for full time opportunities, contract projects, consultancy and freelance work.

I will add more details in the “Hire Me” section dedicated to my resume, skills and projects. For now, visit my linkedin profile to know my expertise and download my pdf resume here and web resume on keybase here. Visit Contact page to reach out for further discussion.

Hello everyone! I am Mohit Bansal, a Computer Science Engineer based of New Delhi, India, and I am a philomath. I like advocating for Open Source Technologies, concerns for Data privacy and loves to learn. I love to learn everything and Everyone is a teacher or source of knowledge for me. But to be specific, I love to simplify the sophistication in simple things around us, i.e. the world and computers, thus Physics, Mathematics and Computers fascinates me the most. I am a Learner in general and my daily jobs includes, reading, writing and learning through, books, videos, blog and Code.

This blog will contain posts from various categories as a true learner never discriminates. I learn anything I find interesting and will publish about them here, which includes, computers, physics, life, languages, books and many DIY stuff. I will also try to include post on travel, photography and my used to be hobby, sketching.

It is said, we all are the average of 5 persons, we spend our time with and I spend my time mostly with books and my community. To find more about me and the books I have read so far, check out my social media profiles or click here.

What now, you must thinking. To know what I have been doing these days, read my now page.

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