What Now?

This page is created to answer the most obnoxious question everyone ask each other, what are you doing now-a-days?

I am creating these page after getting inspired from Derek Sivers. I will update this regularly with the last updated date on the top about my current professional work, personal projects, plans and books I have been reading. You can consider this page a live journal about myself.

After my graduation, I joined SFLC.in as an intern for the past six months, which is now over. I learned many new things working at SFLC.in. As a technologist, I was exposed to lot of tools they were using. I learned Django. As of now, I am looking for job, as you might have read on my about page and ATS is making me crazy.

But meanwhile, I am trying to be more discipline than I used to be, made a schedule to follow with all the stuff I want to do, and I hope with a proper schedule I can balance all of them, like a good scheduler handling multiple processes. I am working on Django based Internet tracker for SFLC.in as a side help, improving my skills, reading a lot of books and applying atleast at 2 companies in a day.

And, I plan to start blog posts with weekly update on what I did this week, what books I read and the progress with my work if any.

I soon, plan to start the documentation for Dhwani. I applied for the Hey.com email account and my volunteer application for Digital Grassroots foundation.

I will start working as a Subject Matter Expertise (SME) by the end of this week or this month at most during the night hours. I have been applying for positions at many places and getting my applications rejected at almost everywhere I am hearing back from. So, I decided to work for whatever job I could find, which is SME in this case. This was not my plan to work as a SME and alas, I couldn’t find a job as a developer or DevOps engineer, this will keep me sane for a while and help me hone my basics in the domain. So if my volunteer application gets through, I will be working as a volunteer for the organisation along with my night job as SME and contribute to OSS project based on my GSoD proposal. To prepare myself for the interviews in the future and crack the job that I want, I will solve 1 question of competitive platforms in a week along with the side projects I will work on. Because I don’t want to just, code, but develop the software like a professional software developer does.

I am planning to drop out of my IGNOU course for BSC Physics because of my inability to dedicate enough time and study with concentration along with the interview prep (at which I am failing very badly) even with my extreme interest for theoretical physics and space.

By the end of this week, I will pick one of the OSS project and organisation to which I will dedicate my time. The basis for the selection will be the community support, skills I want to learn and use, and the purpose of the project. My interest in Physics, documentation and GSoD organisation will be considered as well.

I got the invite for hey.com yesterday.

Books I am currently reading:

  • Program Design by Peter Juliff, will complete by 30th June, 2020
  • Data Structure and Algorithm in Python by Michael T. Goodrich (on Hold)
  • Introduction to Languages and theory of computations (on Hold)

Tv Shows I am watching

  • Westworld
  • American Playboy
  • Timon and Pumba
  • Big Bang Theory

Projects I am currently working on:

  • Django based Internet shutdown tracker
  • I am starting to contribute documentation update for the project, Junction (Django based CFP tracker).
  • Looking to contribute documentation to one of the GSoD organisations.

Skills I am trying to improve:

  • Communication
  • Python and Django
  • Discipline and Time management
  • Writing regular blogs and completing the incomplete drafts piled up over years
Last Updated: 25-06-2020