To create a resume, at a glance to cover up all the gaps in the resume for the specific job

  1. Separate page for talks.
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Cryptography, how rsa and public key cryptography, GATE prep IGNOU, Physics, Math, development for fun and oss contribution for love

Blogs as I study concepts

Physics, math, computer, spanish

Computer concepts

  • Graphy theory
  • Compilers
  • Cryptography
  • k-maps and all

Documentation post:

“I like to use the old schoolmasters’ trick, where you start by filling in a grid marked ‘What?’, ‘ Why?’, ‘Who?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, ‘How?’, and then sequencing the various ways that you answer those questions, and developing the structure from these ‘nuggets’.”



Mail setup:

Armageddon: Mailcow service, with clients, I use alot + afew + notmuch and on the side I use claws

What is wrong with my resume

Web server and what is it

Technicalities of documentation

Hey it’s email