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We all have something to say and share our views with others, right? We all want to speak our opinions without any hesitation, and share our point of view, don’t we? And still, at times we don’t share everything we want to. We all have something to say, don’t we? And we all speak our feelings, our emotions whenever we want to share something with someone, right?

But at times, based on the situation, either we don’t put forward our feelings, our views and stays silent, which is by the way, not good. (The lesson, I learnt, that to put forth your views).

Similarly, I always wanted to share my feelings, experience etc. more and more by writing about it in blog posts. Thanks to my first #dgplug summer training for pushing me to create a blog on blogger at , but always procastinated from doing so. The habit of writing is something, I kept telling myself is not in me. With the passage of time, all the posts I have written so far have been faded due to the inconsistency in my writing and there are some reasons for that. I am not justifying my laziness or something but trying to eliminate the reasons and that is why I am here, writing again, my feelings and thoughts.


  1. The portal
  2. My Time management skill
  3. Lack of Discipline

So, this year, I am determined to make my blog a good source of knowledge for everyone, including me because, as we say in #dgplug

Learn yourself, teach Others!

From now on, you will be able to see my personal blog posts here and technical and more serious one there. I am shifting my blog from blogspot to a static blog generator, Shonku, Written by one of my mentors, Kushal Das, in Golang. Shonku uses Markdown to write blog posts and thus very easy to modify and write the content. All the useful and personal posts from my previous blog post will remain there and will be ported here on my new blog post, improved in grammar and content in a categorised manner.

If I am not writing enough, drop me a mail and I will publish my hundreds of unpublished drafts :P

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