Connecting Coffee!

All coders/programmers are night owlers and prefer coffee to sustain the whole night. And here is something interesting for everyone who sustains on coffee. There is a special protocol made for all programmers whose primary Energy drink is coffee, named Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol. Let’s start with, what is this coffee protocol?


The rationale for making a standard protocol for all coffee driven programmers is too connect all these coffee pots along with their hosts (programmers) with each other using Internet.

There is coffee all over the world. Increasingly, in a world in which computing is ubiquitous, the computists want to make coffee. Coffee brewing is an art, but the distributed intelligence of the web-connected world transcends art. Thus, there is a strong, dark, rich requirement for a protocol designed espressoly for the brewing of coffee. Coffee is brewed using coffee pots. Networked coffee pots require a control protocol if they are to be controlled.

Increasingly, home and consumer devices are being connected to the Internet. Early networking experiments demonstrated vending devices connected to the Internet for status monitoring [COKE]. One of the first remotely operated machine to be hooked up to the Internet, the Internet Toaster, (controlled via SNMP) was debuted in 1990 [RFC2235].

HTCPCP methods

The following methods are enlisted under this protocol and briefed as following:

  1. BREW method (“POST” method supported): Commands to control a coffee pot are sent from client to coffee server using BREW method.
  2. GET method: To retrieve the Physical (no information resource) data (“Caffeine” free) from other coffee pots.
  3. PROPINFO method: To discover meta data about the cup of coffee (data).
  4. WHEN method: To add the milk to the coffee at the right time.

Wanna know more?

Well, the protocol is quite elaborate and to know more about this protocol, please read the official RFC by IETF. The RFC document contains all the information about header fields and formats, methods, errors codes and much more.


About HTCPCP protocol and how I stumbled on a page for an article shared by j605 at #dgplug (freenode, IRC) regarding Ad blocking on mobile,, which I apparently opened as, leading me to the page of HTCPCP,

It is true, “Reality is Stranger than Fiction!” (atleast sometimes) and if you are looking for something more interesting, have a look at this memo.

Till then,

Find the bytes in your coffee!

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