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If you have a keen eye like me, you must have noticed the categories and tags in each post and may even wonder, what this categories mean or what type of post are compiled in each category. I decided to write another post on helping the curiosity about categories and ease the exploration. Another reason to write this article is to help myself, to be consistent with the categories I use with my blog posts.

You ask why I do this? Since this blog is my only blog and I have decided to keep all my thoughts here itself, be it technical how-to or my life experience I want to share about. These categories and tags become all the more important to sort out the articles of your interest. I planned to keep noise out of here by creating another section of personal blogs, but I decided to postpone that plan, till I finish few of my incomplete articles and decide later on how to organize them.

Categories About
OSS the open source software features, where I will share about a open source software that I use and helped me a lot. I will share my insights on the same and will share the guide on how to setup it for you with the concepts that you may need to know.
howthingswork To share on how various things work in most simplest sense I could explain with illustrations and real life human world analogy.
others All blog posts that doesn’t fit anywhere
insights Based on my personal bias
diy What I made myself
projects The projects I visioned and didn’t complete
protocols The rules, society follows
technical The binary talk
literature The wordplay
reviews My opinions
conferences My playhouse and club
devops The server guy talk
experiences The leaders board in the game of life
personal Noise for others
Humans are Computers The human computer analogy series
Linux All Linux operating system related posts.

Tags are the sub categories related to the post within each category and I think writing them down will be helpful though anyone can just find all the tags here.

Tags About
general When I can’t think of anything else. Usually paired with “others”
announcement The Notice board
reading Related to the words, books and letters
taskmanagement Management talks!
weekendhacks Some weekend hacks!
coffee Elixir for most developers
connection Can be about anything. Depends on the paired tags.
protocol The language our society needs to cordinate
dragonball one of the best anime ever
naruto Yeah, an anime again
Mozfest Mozfest is the annual conference by Mozilla Foundation
opensource related to “open source”
OSSEU OSSEU is the conference by “The Linux Foundation” in Europe
PyconIndia Python Conference in India
ansible A devops tool
automation The deployment methodology to help us sleep better
tutorial The guides on how to put the shapes in the block
humancomputeranalogy The human computer analogy series
fork, forkbomb For the fork bomb post
Linux For the Linux related posts
script For the posts with any kind of scripts like fork bomb.
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