Old is Gold!

Let the past be in past!

If you are looking for posts older than the ones present here? You can find them at https://phi2infinity.blogspot.in. All the older posts will be updated there only. I may or may not migrate the posts back to this website. Meanwhile all my writings are compiled at one place on github.

To know more, read the moving announcement here.

I am listing down all the posts available there with their title and the hyperlink to the original blog.

  1. Hello World!
  2. My First Meetup, Pydelhi
  3. The Hacker Culture
  4. The header to my Journey, #include
  5. The Rabbit or Turtle
  6. LibreBoot: An open source firmware
  7. Boot Loader vs BIOS!
  8. Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody!
  9. Nested Loops are faster!
  10. Everything about Qemu!
  11. Everything about Libreboot!
  12. E-yantra is you mantra!
  13. The Last Key!
  14. Pycon India: Journey begins!
  15. Why can’t I write!
  16. Bug report on Docker Sign Up!
  17. Why you should never copy terminal commands blindly
  18. Master the what?
  19. Multi-tasking is a myth!
  20. One Year anniversary with Pydelhi
  21. Setting up Tor to connect to IRC network
  22. Internet Relay Chat!
  23. Moving!

If anyone would like me to rewrite any blogpost and publish here, drop me an email.

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