Naruto vs DBZ!

Naruto vs Dragon Ball Z!

Yes, You guessed it right. It’s the comparison between naruto vs Dragon Ball Z in the world of anime. It is true that even though most of you have already watched Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, I haven’t even finished my Naruto series. But now I regret, why I didn’t watch this amazing series that pumps my blood even in the most sensual, non-action scenes. I didn’t watch Naruto before because of its reputation of very lengthy series and I didn’t want to Torrent Download or Torrent Stream these many episodes (I try to avoid torrenting as much as possible). But I am happy to say, that I have watched all episodes of Dragon Ball Z, GT and Dragon Ball Super as well. In the end, both Naruto and Dragon Ball series are worth your time, if you (like me) loves anime and thriller action stories.

While watching Naruto, I realised few facts that separates Naruto from Dragon Ball series and why is Naruto worth your time, even if it takes your whole life! (kidding, I am not). I am about to share my views on both the series, why Naruto is more effective than DB series and people are crazy about Naruto.

Emotions are not worded!

Any fictional story can connect their audience to the story, only if the emotions are conveyed with right intensity and right proportion. Too much of drama, comedy, actions or romance can get boring and all these emotions should be dispersed in correct proportion. But that’s not it! All these emotions, along with correct proportion should be conveyed with right intensity, and should be felt by their audience.

That is where Naruto has the benefit. All the emotions are conveyed with such intensity, that everyone who has ever watched Naruto, can relate to each scene as they were in the story itself. And Music is the reason, I believe, that made all the difference. The choice of background music, pauses between battles, and intensity of various inspirational quotes with the expressions, are too intimidate.

Actions speaks louder?

In Naruto, every action matters, and every decision taken at any point in the story, has a story behind. And each flash backs are as much important as the current story. The character of each story character in Naruto is different, and everyone is a hero in themselves. Unlike DB series, only Goku comes to save the world in the end.

The Devil’s in the Detail!

As it is said, the devil’s in the details and to make your lie, sound like truth, add as much detail as you can. And Fiction is the only lie that can earn you million dollars. With Naruto (a fiction), the details is far beyond comprehension, story of sharingan, byakugan, each clan, history of every village and every character is too descriptive that it sounds like an utter truth and helps to connect audience with the story. We are all too caught up in details, because there are so many.

Besides the story, the sketches are quite detailed and express the right emotions with right intensity with the help of right background music.

We all breathe Air!

There is one concept that is common to both the series, Spiritual energy of humans, i.e., Chakra and Chi. Naruto universe uses the concept of Chakra that with the combination of various hand signs can master various jutsus, while in DB universe, Chi is used for blasts as their primary weapon. Even though, we all have a limit and consuming too much of this life energy should kill us, according to Naruto Series, which is not quite true for DB series.

Evil lies within us all!

Yes, for the true balance, we all possess both Good and Evil (atleast that’s what I believe). Unlike, DB series, Naruto reflects this evilness in the characters like Orochimaru, initially in Gaara and even in Naruto himself, relates us all to the reality, what circumstances caused them, how few overcome their inner demon while others are consumed. In DB series, there is the concept of evil, but not as strong as shown in Naruto. Other than that, Naruto is dark, truly dark. The evilness, deaths are expressed in such detail (thanks to music and sketches), that everyone can feel it and can’t just look past a single scene, unlike in DB series, deaths are mere transportation for souls from one happy place to another, and can even be revived with Dragon balls.

These are just my opinions and doesn’t consider who is stronger, characters from DB series or characters from Naruto. I guess, this discussion is too energetic for this post to handle, so please share your opinions in the comments. In short, I believe, DB series is quite immature in terms of story, and diveristy than Naruto. Most of the DB fans, gets bored out of similar action sequences (and are skippable). Thus, DB series is more predictable than Naruto, and this suspense in Naruto holds their audience to the story until end.

PS: I believe, DB series characters can outpower Naruto characters, but might still loose due to Deception and strategic skills of a true Shinobi. Since I haven’t watched the whole series of Naruto, no spoilers will be tolerated!

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