Here you will find the projects I am working on or have worked on. I don’t have much to showcase other than my blog over here because many of side projects, I started to learn a new skill are still incomplete. I will update them here once I pick them again and finish what I’ve started. Or, I will publish few of the ideas of my side projects which you can pick up to learn a new skill. Check out my profile on twitter and github to find out more about me and my projects.

Projects I am working on or I am part of:

  • Dhwani (WIP)
  • Decompiled Podcast, the project is now archived

Communities I represent and the ones that helped me grow:

Paper published:

I love to research but unfortunately, in my present condition, I can’t gather enough time to continue researching on things I like. Hopefully, I will find a job that can combine my researching skills. But for now, I have written a review paper on Generating Random Number using Biometric data during my graduation, titled “REVIEW ON USING BIOMETRIC SIGNALS IN RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS”, which can be read for free here.

Talks presented:

I have speaking experience at few local meetups and OSSEU 2018. The links to the slides and the recordings if available are shared here.

  1. IRC, the savior at #ilugdelhi
  2. Suse Package Hub at OSSEU 2018
  3. Tic Tac Talk! at #ilugdelhi
  4. How opensource came into picture at #ilugdelhi

Decompiled Podcast

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